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School Profile

Secondary School of Nursing and Higher Vocational School of Nursing Příbram – the school building with the boarding houses annex is situated in the centre of the old part of the town within the reach of both long-distance and local bus or train services.

Interiors of a modernized school building dating from the 2nd half of the 19th century and a recently finished boarding houses annex together with their park surroundings create inviting and pleasant environment. First-class lodging and full board provided by in-house catering establishment are available.

Healthcare specializations in various alternations have been taught at this school since 1953. At present, three 4-year fields of education finished by school-leaving “maturita“ exam are offered to primary school graduates: 78-42-M/04 Medical Lyceum, 53-41-M/01 Healthcare Assistant and 69-41-L/02 Sports and Reconditioning Masseur. Two 3-year higher school fields of education completed by final “absolutorium“ exam are offered to secondary graduates: 53-41-N/1 Certified General Nurse and 53-41-N/2 Certified Paramedic.

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